Restaurant menu


40 Degrees Trout From Pähkla Farm

Torched cauliflower, horseradish, cherry tomatoes and whey sauce

11 €

Lightly Smoked Beef Tartar

Trout roe, egg yolk confit, homemade crispbread, caper mayonnaise

11 €

Beetroot Carpaccio With Fried Cheese From Nopri Farm

Cherry tomatoes and arugula pesto

9 €

Lighter main course

Oxtail Broth

Vegetables and mushrooms

9 €

Fresh Handmade Pasta

Giant prawns, mussels, parmesan, sugar snap peas, arugula pesto

11 €


White wine - blue cheese sauce, fresh chili

12 €

Main course


Mushrooms and vegetables

12 €

Butter Fried African Catfish

Almond potato, fresh salted cucumber, cream sauce, dill mayonnaise

17 €

Duck Fillet

Pearly cous-cous, orange flavored carrot and blackberry sauce

17 €

Entrecote Steak 300 g

Potato in two ways, beetroot, sugar peas and rosemary - red wine sauce

21 €


Chocolate Lava Cake

Caramelized white chocolate, cherries, homemade vanilla ice cream

7 €


Meringue, baked white chocolate, caramel ice cream

7 €

Cheeses From South Estonian Farms

Honey with cloudberry jam made by our chefs

7 €

Vegan     Gluten-free     Lactose-free