Event Centre

Event Centre

Events in the historic milieu

Schloss Fellin is an excellent place for parties, concerts and conferences. The various rooms of different sizes of Viljandi Manor can be used both separately and combined together.

First floor

A large ballroom and two lounges

The Grosse Halle ballroom, situated left of the large lobby at the main entrance, has seats for at least seventy visitors to listen to presentations or enjoy concerts. A bright hall with its high windows and a beautiful chandelier is suitable for celebrating weddings, Christmas parties and other festive events. Additional space is provided by two smaller rooms adjacent to the large hall – the Aviator’s Lounge and the Architect’s Lounge.

The maximum room capacity depends on the nature of the event and the placement of tables and chairs.

Grosse Halle room capacity

Theatre style up to 78 people

Seminar style up to 36 people

Meeting style up to 20 people

Banquet style up to 50 people

Reception style up to 80 people

U-shaped up to 26 people

O-shaped up to 36 people

Library capacity

Up to 8 people in meeting style

Architect’s lounge’s capacity

Up to 6 people in meeting style

Schloss Fellin is equipped with state-of-the-art technical solutions for presentations and conferences.

At the events held at Schloss Fellin catering is provided by Restaurant Schloß.

Restaurant Schloss

The two rooms of the Restaurant Schloß on the right of the lobby on the first floor of the manor building accommodate 48 people.

On the same floor there is a spacious wardrobe and three restrooms, including the wheelchair accessible toilet.

Basement floor

Café Novell

The café on the basement floor of Schloss Fellin has a glass terrace and accommodates 44 people. The café can be accessed through a separate entrance on the pond side of the building or via the northern spiral staircase inside the building.

Event room reservations

+372 646 6080
+372 503 2723

Restaurant and café reservations

+372 646 6078
+372 56811 644