Café Novell menu

Steamed Bao Buns (2 pcs)

Teriyaki trout from Pähkla Crayfish and Fish Farm, cucumber, dill mayonnaise

8 €

Steamed Bao Buns (2 pcs)

Shimeji mushrooms, soy sauce, marinated vegetables, sriracha

8 €

Cheese Flowers

Tete de Moine, colourful tomatoes, arugula pesto

10 €

Whitefish Äkis

Brioche, freshly salted cucumber, dill mayonnaise, trout roe, quail egg

11 €

Quail from Järveotsa Farm

Spinach and potato cream, asparagus, white wine sauce

13 €

Liivimaa Beef Tartar

Trout roe, egg gel, caper mayonnaise, spice-cured sprats, dried egg yolk

13 €

Choice of Appetizers

Enough for two
Beef entrecote, Green Egg duck fillet, cheese from Kolotsi farm, crispy prawns, trout fillet, truffle mayonnaise, dill mayonnaise, olive salsa

20 €

Fresh Pasta

Tiger prawns, blue mussels, sugar snap peas, arugula pesto

14 €

Blue Mussels

Cream sauce, blue cheese, chili (or without chili)

14 €

Tiger Prawns

Spicy coconut and curry sauce, pak choi

15 €

Green Egg Cabbage Steak

Black salsify, spinach sauce, french parsley, truffle salsa

13 €

Pike Perch from Pärnu Bay

Young potato, freshly salted cucumber, lemon cream sauce, dill mayonnaise

19 €

Liivimaa Beef Tenderloin

Potato gratin with goat cheese from Kolotsi Farm, green pepper sauce, carrot, yellow beetroot

24 €

Green Egg Lamb Chump

Mint & pea puree, cabbage, truffle demi glaze sauce

23 €

Molten Lava Cake

Cherries, vanilla ice cream

8 €

Tonka Bean Creme Brulee

Strawberry & mint salsa

7 €


Almond, caramel

7 €

Choice of handmade ice creams

Please ask your waiter for today’s choice! Price per scoop

2 €

Vegan     Gluten-free     Lactose-free