Discover Viljandi

Discover Viljandi

The city of Viljandi and its surroundings offer a wide range of activities for culture lovers, history buffs, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts and families with children.

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Ugala teater

Margo Siimon

Ugala Theatre

Vaksali Street 7, Viljandi

600 m 8 min

Ugala Theatre is one of the oldest professional drama theatres in Estonia, established in 1920. Ugala’s repertoire is very diverse, ranging from children’s stories and musicals to world classics and modern world dramaturgy.

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Schloss Fellin theatre package:

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Viljandi järv

Siim Verner Teder

Lake Viljandi

1 km 12 min

The Viljandi castle gardens offer a magnificent view of the lake – a favourite sight for visitors to the town to took photos. The lake is famous among Estonians thanks to a song about a boatman who still remembers the beautiful blue eyes of a maiden he once saw as a young boy.

A 12-kilometre hiking trail with camping and resting places runs around the lake, leading to a viewpoint on the opposite shore, from where you can see the beautiful and peculiar skyline of the city.

Schloss Fellin offers the possibility to take a motorboat to the lake for a picnic.

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Viljandi lossimäed

Siim Verner Teder

Viljandi Castle Hills

200 m 3 min

The ruins of Viljandi Castle and the park around it have been a beloved recreation area for the people of Viljandi since the beginning of the last century and are now a national monument. Built in the 13th century on the site of the Estonians’ stronghold, the Viljandi Castle took its full shape and size by the beginning of the 16th century, becoming one of the most prominent fortresses in Estonia and Latvia.

The first front stronghold is called Kaevumägi, the second front stronghold is called Second Kirsimägi and the third front stronghold is called First Kirsimägi. Concerts and sporting events are held on the castle hill, which offers a beautiful view of Lake Viljandi. In order to reach the castle hills from the town, a suspension bridge was installed in 1931 in a 13-metre-deep ditch at Kaevumägi.

Kondase keskus

Kristjan Lust

Kondas Centre

Pikk Street 8, Viljandi

300 m 4 min

The old parsonage building houses an outsider and professional art museum with works by one of Estonia’s best-known naive artists, Paul Kondas (1900-1985). The five exhibition rooms alternate between Estonian and foreign artists. The museum offers educational programmes, many of which are suitable for visitors with families. A small museum shop is open in the centre. The museum’s collection is made up of works by self-taught artists.

It is interesting to know, the large concrete strawberries adorning Viljandi’s city are inspired by Paul Kondas’ painting ‘Strawberry Eaters’.

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Pärimusmuusika ait

Siim Verner Teder

Estonian Traditional Music Centre

Tasuja Street 6, Viljandi

180 m 2 min

Estonian Traditional Music Centre (Pärimusmuusika ait) is a concert hall and a cultural centre for Estonian traditional music, located in the historic fence building of Viljandi Manor. The building includes a large and a small concert hall, as well as a shop with a selection of records, books and instruments. In the basement, between majestic brick arches, musicians practice and conduct activities in the August Pulst School and the folk music information collection.

Various concerts and performances are organised in the garden throughout the year. Come and enjoy the annual Viljandi Traditional Music Festival, the autumn harvest party and the spring outdoor festival Folkloob.

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Viljandi vana veetorn

Silver Tõnisson

Old Water Tower

J. Laidoner's Square 5c, Viljandi

600 m 8 min

Viljandi was one of the first towns in Estonia to get water and sewerage. Completed in 1911, the 30-metre-high water tower made of red brick and an octagonal wooden top and used today as a lookout tower. The three floors of the tower house a permanent exhibition, as well as various travelling exhibitions. The water tower is an important part of Viljandi’s skyline as a city of towers, offering a beautiful view of Lake Viljandi and the old town.

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Viljandi muuseum

Siim Verner Teder

Museum of Viljandi

J. Laidoneri plats 10, Viljandi

500 m 7 min

The Museum of Viljandi is in an old pharmacy building, with a permanent exhibition on two floors covering the history of Viljandi up to the mid-20th century, and temporary exhibitions of various kinds. A rich collection of archaelogical finds gives an insight into the prehistoric period. The medieval period is represented by a model of Viljandi Order Castle, together with artefacts from that period. Before visiting the castle ruins, it is a good idea to have a look at the model. Folk culture is introduced by a large-scale model of a hermitage and a display of folk costumes and jewellery.

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Tamm kiigega

Silver Tõnisson

Oak and a swing

Pikk 29, Viljandi

450 m 6 min

From the corner of Pikk Street, the oak tree with swing offers a beautiful view of the lake. The large tree provides shade and swinging under it will help you relax. From here, you can discover the narrow Kassisaba Street, which was restored thanks to the locals. 

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Viljandi jäähall

Kris Süld

Viljandi Ice Rink

Puidu Street 8, Viljandi

2,5 km 30 min 5 min

The ice rink offers sporting and leisure facilities for families and groups. On Saturdays, the hall hosts ice parties. You can also rent all the equipment you need for skating. Please check from the website for available times, as there are also training sessions. The rink is closed during the summer season.

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Heimtali muuseum

Siim Verner Teder

Heimtali Museum

Heimtali, Viljandi parish

9 km 10 min

The museum is housed in Heimtali’s old village schoolhouse, a beautiful country building from 1864. The permanent exhibition of the Heimtali Museum’s multi-layered collection includes school furniture from a hundred years ago, old documents and tools from the surrounding area. The collection of folk textiles is particularly rich, as is the library of folk art, folklore and decorative arts. The children’s playroom has a range of cats, dogs, piglets and other domestic animals knitted in clove patterns. The permanent exhibition is curated and designed by textile artist Anu Raud.

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Olustvere mõis

Siim Verner Teder

Olustvere Manor

Mõisa Street 12, Olustvere

22 km 18 min

Olustvere Manor, with a history going back several hundred years, is now a tourist centre, with a variety of chambers for workshops are set up in the manor buildings: blacksmith, craft, linen and cloth, ceramics and glass, bakery and stable building. The latter also houses Voldemar Lucht’s miniature collection of wooden horses and Ilmar Tilga’s collection of bird and animal prints. Guided tours of the Olustvere manor complex.

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Mulgi Elamuskeskus

Kevin Kohjus

The Mulgi Experience Centre

Sooglemäe, Ala, Tõrva parish, Valgamaa

48 km 40 min

The Mulgi Experience Centre introduces the heritage and history of Mulgimaa, in a traditional way and smart modern solutions - stories, customs, mythology and folklore. There are activities and things to see for children and adults alike.

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Viljandi tennisekeskus

Kristjan Kivistik

Viljandi Tennis Centre

Ranna avenue, Viljandi

1 km 12 min 4 min

Tennis is a beautiful and elegant sport, and Viljandi offers excellent opportunities for playing it. The indoor and outdoor courts of the Viljandi Tennis Centre on the shores of the lake are open every day. There are two indoor courts and six outdoor sand courts. New padel courts have recently been opened.

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Mänguväljak Viljandi järve rannas

Siim Verner Teder

Playground on the shore of Lake Viljandi

700 m 9 min

The health- and playground on the shores of Lake Viljandi offers activities for young and old alike. The large sand-covered area has exciting attractions for children of all ages, including swings, slides, climbing slides, hanging trees, a pyramid over 6 metres high, a Tarzan track and more. Nearby there is a bathing area, boat hire and ball courts.


Kevin Kohjus

Children's Park

Uus Street 12, Viljandi

1,2 km 14 min

In the children’s park, the little ones can play in the sandpit, go sliding, climb the rope slide and swing. In the park, children will be delighted by the child-friendly granite sculptures “Young Technician” and “Young Naturalist”. The trick riders are awaited by the new and gorgeous trails.

Uku mängumaa

Uku's Playground

Tallinna Street 41, Uku Centre

1 km 12 min

The playroom on the second floor of the Uku centre offers activities for children of all ages. There is a climbing castle, a Lego board, a doll’s house and much more. Parents can leave their children in the play area and head to the shopping in the centre.

Childcare is also available by reservation at Schloss Fellin. Please let us know if you need it.

Paala järve äärne mänguväljak

Caspar Aru

Lake Paala playground

750 m 9 min

A large playground with a gorgeous wooden ship awaits toddlers at Lake Paala, where they can play on the water and slide around. A bathing area is nearby. A cycle path runs around Lake Paala, where you can walk in all seasons, roller-skate or cycle from spring to autumn, and ski in winter. When the snow comes, children can use the valley slope for sledging.