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On 25th and 26th December the restaurant Schloß is open from 6-9 p.m. reservations only.
On 25th and 26th December Christmas brunch in the restaurant Schloß, more information on the website.
On 24th to 26th December café Novell is closed.


Spa pleasures for all senses

The Spa centre on the basement floor of Schloss Fellin offers relaxation and pleasure to those who appreciate a peaceful and private environment and an individual approach. In the rooms with a historical aura, luxurious treatments and beauty rituals from all over the world are carried out using a high-quality A-class skin care spa series Cinq Monde products. Cinq Monde (five worlds in English) combines the relaxation rituals from five continents.

The cosy spa centre can accommodate 22 guests, and the relaxation pool, a jacuzzi, sauna and beauty services can be enjoyed by both the hotel guests and day-spa package users.

Choose a suitable treatment
or day-spa package

Schloss Fellin signature massage

30 min
Mon—Thu 39 €
Fri—Sun 45 €

60 min
Mon—Thu 59 €
Fri—Sun 65 €

Relaxing full body massage ritual with warm grape seed oil. The ritual leaves both body and mind deeply relaxed.

Revitalising and Lifting Leg Massage

20 min
Mon—Thu 35 €
Fri—Sun 45 €

This treatment is aimed at relieving tired legs. The tonifying massage uses the Cinq Mondes products that are inspired by the Chinese pharmacopeia and contain natural active ingredients. After the massage your legs will feel fresh, light and completely relaxed.

The massage is inspired by the traditional Indian medicine and Ayurvedic traditions that help to restore balance of the body and mind and stimulate the vital functions of the body. The tonifying and invigorating massage that targets blood circulation focuses especially on relieving the tensions in leg muscles.

For the massage a delicate leg cream is used containing organic aloe, bamboo, arnica, camphor and menthol to stimulate blood circulation and refresh heavy legs. This unique treatment provides a pleasant rest and has an invigorating effect.

This tonifying and relaxing leg massage is ideal for those who long to feel lightness and vitality in their feet and want to experience an unforgettable escape from the daily routine.

Relaxing Back Massage

20 min
Mon—Thu 35 €
Fri—Sun 45 €

Discover the virtues of this deeply relaxing massage. By targeting the back, nape and shoulders, this treatment releases built-up tension and provides a feeling of wellbeing and total relaxation.

This relaxing back massage is inspired by the traditional Indian medicine and an Ayurvedic ritual using strong and quick movements to relax the back muscles, focusing specifically on releasing the tension in the shoulder area.

During this massage the practitioner works on the nape and the upper back to release any built-up stress, using Cinq Mondes hot Ayurvedic oil with sesame oil, neem and boswellia to hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin.

Soothing French-Polynesian Massage Ritual

50 min
Mon—Thu 65 €
Fri—Sun 75 €

80 min
Mon—Thu 91 €
Fri—Sun 99 €

During the soothing massage the practitioner uses the lomi-lomi technique based on the traditions of the Polynesian healers, applying pressure to the energetic key points of the body, using long smooth movements. The experience is completed by the delicate scent of the Tiaré flower that provides full relaxation and escape from the daily routines.

This soothing Polynesian massage ritual is inspired by the healers from the islands of Polynesia and the lomi-lomi technique, which is traditionally applied using forearms to release muscle tension and restore energy and vitality.

This treatment is carried out using the Cinq Mondes Sublime body balm and body oil containing the Monoi oil from Tahiti, nourishing noni extract and the concentrate of Tiaré and white flowers the scent of which takes you to the beautiful white sandy beaches in Polynesia.

Lomi lomi Massage

90 min
Mon—Thu 79 €
Fri—Sun 89 €

120 min
Mon—Thu 99 €
Fri—Sun 109 €

Lomi lomi is so much more than just a massage – it is meditation, healing and unconditional sharing of love. A special deeply relaxing, tension-relieving, energising and empowering touch that opens the heart; an experience that conquers all senses.

Lomi lomi nui is a traditional Hawaiian massage practised by local shamans, or kahunas in temples, on transition rites into a new stage of life or before important events. The ritual may have lasted for days, its purpose to fully balance all senses and create internal harmony.

Lomi lomi is applied using intuition, breathing, rhythm, and long-flowing movements on the body, imitating ocean tides and flow of water. Lomi lomi makes you forget about the time, your mind switches into a different state of consciousness, and you will experience deep relaxation on every level. The massage begins and ends with a prayer – a request for healing and balancing a person for their ultimate benefit.

The body is healthy when the energy of life can flow freely. If the energy flow is blocked or limited over a longer period, the balance of the body is disturbed and the body will become susceptible to diseases. During the session, both the practitioner and the receiver focus on breathing. Each inhalation supplies the body and mind with new energy and inspiration, whereas exhalation relieves tensions and lets go of the old. Letting go of everything restraining we create more space for new in our life.

Lomi lomi massage is carried out with ample oil on a naked body; intimate body parts are covered by a sarong (a large thin length of fabric). After the massage, it is recommended to wipe the excess oil off the body with a soft towel, not wash it off (there is a possibility to wash). Therefore, when you come to massage, we advise you to wear underwear and clothes that can become a little oily.


Lava Stone Massage

60 min
Mon—Thu 72 €
Fri—Sun 78 €

90 min
Mon—Thu 78 €
Fri—Sun 88 €

This relaxing massage treatment with lava stones originates from the rite of the ancient Indians. The massage ritual uses lava stones of variable temperatures together with manual massage. The stones have good thermal conductivity, stimulate blood circulation, help to relieve muscle tension and stress. The treatment is not suitable for a pregnant women.

Aromatherapy Massage

30 min
Mon—Thu 39 €
Fri—Sun 45 €

60 min
Mon—Thu 69 €
Fri—Sun 75 €

Smoothing and gentle massage techniques have a relaxing effect and help to absorb aromatic oils. The massage helps to restore the balance between thoughts and actions.

The aromatherapy massage based on your needs uses a mixture of oils of your choice. Personal consultation enables us to offer a unique treatment that is best suited for you.

Classical spa package

180 min
Mon—Thu 78 €
Fri—Sun 88 €

Combine enjoying sauna and water with a long and relaxing classic massage that helps to release the tensions in the whole body.

The package includes:

  • the use of the spa and sauna area (2 h)
  • classical massage (60 min)
  • the use of bathrobe and slippers
  • calming herbal tea and flavoured water

Classical massage

30 min
Mon—Thu 39 €
Fri—Sun 45 €

60 min
Mon—Thu 59 €
Fri—Sun 65 €

90 min
Mon—Thu 79 €
Fri—Sun 85 €

The classical massage aimed at relaxing the whole body and relieving muscular tension is the perfect way to experience massage for the first time. The stimulating movements help relax tired and sore muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and fresh again.

Pregnant women are not recommended to have massage sessions longer than 60 minutes.

Spa manicure

75 min
Mon—Thu 49 €
Fri—Sun 59 €

In addition to manicure the treatment will include hand peeling, mask, massage and nail polishing.

Spa pedicure

90 min
Mon—Thu 59 €
Fri—Sun 69 €

In addition to pedicure the treatment will include foot peeling, mask, massage and nail polishing.

Schloss Fellin spa etiquette

Reservation and cancellation

We recommend booking spa treatments in advance. To book please write to spa@schlossfellin.ee

If you wish to change or cancel booked treatment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise 75% of your treatment cost will be added to your bill.


We ask you to arrive at the spa reception 10-15 minutes before the start of the treatment so that you can prepare for it without any rush. The spa administrator will lead you to the waiting area where you will be called to the treatment room.

We recommend you arrive wearing your bathrobe. 
 Should you be late for the treatment, the procedure time will be shorter accordingly.

Bathing area and saunas

In the bathing area and saunas of the boutique spa we ask you to wear swimwear and to use swimming diapers for young children. In order to keep the pool water clean, we ask you to wash yourself before visiting the spa, and to take a shower after the sauna and before entering the pools.

There is no surveillance in the boutique spa bathing area. Children can only visit the spa when accompanied by an adult and only under the responsibility of the adult.

Own beverages not allowed in spa. 

The bathing area the floor can be slippery – we ask visitors to be careful.

Wellness spa

Saunas and pool area
Mon-Sun 9–22 pre-booking needed

Spa treatments
Mon-Sun 9–20

Info and booking:
+372 646 6075