Spa pleasures for all senses

The Spa centre on the basement floor of Schloss Fellin offers relaxation and pleasure to those who appreciate a peaceful and private environment and an individual approach. In the rooms with a historical aura, luxurious treatments and beauty rituals from all over the world are carried out using a high-quality A-class skin care spa series Cinq Mondes products. Cinq Mondes (five worlds in English) combines the relaxation rituals from five continents.

The cosy spa centre can accommodate 22 guests, and the relaxation pool, a jacuzzi, sauna and beauty services can be enjoyed by both the hotel guests and day-spa package users.

Choose a suitable treatment
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Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoi Oil and Noni

20 min
Mon—Thu 50 €
Fri—Sun 60 €

Inspired by the Islands of Polynesia, this scrub mixture contains macerated Tiaré flowers, sugar and coconut powder, regenerating the skin and awakening the mind. It is perfectly suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

This Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoi is inspired by the pharmacopeia of healers from the Polynesia archipelago. This treatment combines the scrub mixture of Tahitian Monoi and noni with various massage techniques, using knuckles, arms, fists and undulatory movements resembling ocean waves. Skin is polished to unify and refine skin texture, magnifying its radiance and highlighting the tan.

Polishing Papaya Purée Scrub

20 min
Mon—Thu 50 €
Fri—Sun 60 €

The creamy Papaya Purée with fine grains originates from the beauty rituals of the ancient Kingdom of Siam. Papaya purée smelling of an exquisite perfume delicately polishes and exfoliates, making your skin glow.

The creamy Papaya Puree Scrub is inspired by Balinese women who use papaya like a gentle natural scrub to make their skin glow.

This treatment combines smoothing circular movements and gentle stretching with the papaya scrub that is rich in fruit acids to cleanse and refine skin texture while making it glow.

The treatment uses the scrub mixture containing natural papaya extracts, cedar oil and diatomaceous earth, which is heated beforehand and applied to the body and then rinsed to reveal even and luminous skin.

Energizing Scrub with Aromatic Spices

20 min
Mon—Thu 50 €
Fri—Sun 60 €

An ancient ritual inspired by the beauty recipes from the Island of Java is an immediate treat for the skin. Let yourself be invigorated by the delicate scents of spice and sea salt treatment for soft and silky skin.

This energising scrub with aromatic spices is inspired by Boreh, an ancient ritual from the Island of Java, traditionally performed in the Indonesian villages during the rainy season. The scrub tones sore muscles and soothes joints.

This original and relaxing treatment contains tonifying and exfoliating spices: sea salt, almond powder, concentrate of cinnamon, patchouli, nutmeg, vetiver, clove and vanilla oil, which purify the skin gently and boost the body, making the skin extremely soft.

This scrub removes dead skin cells due to the invigorating circular movements and the quick but light movements help to warm up the muscles and body. This treatment has a double effect: it invigorates the body and makes your skin glow.

Iconic Facial and Body Ritual

50 min
Mon—Thu 85 €
Fri—Sun 95 €

80 min
Mon—Thu 115 €
Fri—Sun 125 €

This ritual is based on the finest massage techniques of Cinq Mondes, rooted in traditional and ceremonial practices of several nations of the world.

Your treatment starts with a back massage inspired by ancient Ayurvedic techniques, and continues with a personalized facial massage. The 80-minute ritual also includes a facial treatment.

The Indian Ayurvedic back massage tones the body and stimulates certain energetic key points to restore physical, mental, and spiritual balance. The massage is carried out using heated luxurious Ayurvedic body oil. The practitioner alternates fast and slow movements to stimulate the metabolism and activate the muscles.

The relaxing beauty ritual is extended by the Japanese Ko Bi Do Face and Neck Lifting Massage.

The 80-minute ritual also includes a facial treatment.

Schloss Fellin spa etiquette

Reservation and cancellation

We recommend booking spa treatments in advance. To book please write to

If you wish to change or cancel booked treatment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise 75% of your treatment cost will be added to your bill.


We ask you to arrive at the spa reception 10-15 minutes before the start of the treatment so that you can prepare for it without any rush. The spa administrator will lead you to the waiting area where you will be called to the treatment room.

We recommend you arrive wearing your bathrobe. 
 Should you be late for the treatment, the procedure time will be shorter accordingly.

Bathing area and saunas

In the bathing area and saunas of the boutique spa we ask you to wear swimwear and to use swimming diapers for young children. In order to keep the pool water clean, we ask you to wash yourself before visiting the spa, and to take a shower after the sauna and before entering the pools.

There is no surveillance in the boutique spa bathing area. Children can only visit the spa when accompanied by an adult and only under the responsibility of the adult.

Own beverages not allowed in spa. 

The bathing area the floor can be slippery – we ask visitors to be careful.

Wellness spa

Saunas and pool area
Mon-Fri 12–21
Sat-Sun 9-21
pre-booking needed

Spa treatments
Mon-Sun 9–20

Info and booking:
+372 646 6075